J.R. James (Heartless Hustler) was born James McCullum Jr. and was raised on the west side of Chicago, Illinois and due to his behavior and all the street violence his parents moved the family to Hopkins Park, Illinois. It was in Hopkins Park that James discovered his love for music. He had duffle bags of notepads filled up by the age of 13 with lyrics and full length records no one knew about.

After his short stay in Hopkins Park his family settled in Joilet where he took his gift of songwriting to another level by recording his first three mixtapes: Summertime Heat; Money, Hoes and Bangas; and Heartless Hustler. James started making beats but the love for it wasn’t the same as writing about the struggle, hardship, and problems at home and in the streets.

He has beat the odds he faced while growing up in the city and holds on to his music as an escape. He’s known best by his fans for his infamous records "Loyalties A Promise" and "First Class Chick". His music is from the heart and his performances are high energy packed.

Currently James is working on new music set to be released in late fall 2015 with records featuring celebrity artists Dtp's Shawnna and G-Unit’s Young Buck, and producers Bandplay, Ferior, Trey V Beats, SixGod Rell, and SKG of Chandler Jones production. James is currently taking booking and showcase opportunities.

James recent performances include Headliner for Trina; Remy Ma and Papoose; Shady Aftermath own Crooked I, headliner for eOne music artist Katie Got Bandz; headliner for Maybach music artist Stalley; headliner for R&B artist Mario; headliner for Roc-A-Fella artist Freeway Philly; headliner for G-Unit artist Young Buck; and opening act at Chicago’s Unity Bash presented by Power 92.3’s Raw Radio host Seandale and Shorty Capone.

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    Club un New Jersey With Remy Ma and Papoose

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  • CHICAGO - Aug. 27, 2016 - PRLog -- After proving all of the critics wrong with his debut release "Married To The Money" which featured G-Unit recording artist Young Buck, J.R James is back once again with another major collaboration. This time, he goes to work with Nappy Boy Entertainment recording artist Shawnna on his latest release "1st Class Chick." The single was just released through iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and over 40 other digital retailers.

    The single was recorded by Ferior of 1st and 15th Entertainment Studios (owned by Lupe Fiasco) and produced by Trey V Beats. Being the second major release off J.R James' label "Heartless Hustler," this marks the closing of one chapter and the moving onto a new one. J.R James' previous release with Young Buck made some major noise breaking the top 20 across multiple promotional charts and selling over 100K cumulative streams and download units worldwide.

    Now J.R James has launched what he hopes will be another successful project. This one with Shawnna, who has been making some waves for herself as well, with her latest single "Wobble" also breaking multiple promotional charts and becoming quite the viral tune, landing on many of today's top blog networks. J.R James is hoping that both of their waves combined will flood the industry and land him his first ever release on the Billboard and Mediabase charts

  • Chicago rapper J.R James is celebrating both his latest label deal with Forbes Music Entertainment and the official release of his debut single “Married To The Money” featuring Young Buck of G-Unit. This release also marks the launch of J.R James’ Heartless Huslter label, a brand that he hopes to some day sear into the minds of hip hop fans all around the globe.
    J.R James announces to the world that he is dedicated to making money and nothing else. Landing one of the biggest distribution deals in the history of the music industry proves through and through that he is definitely all about his money. Coming out of one of the largest markets in the United States of America where many acts have gone on to sell platinum tracks, he is in for tons of doubt from critics.
    This young emerging rap sensation is going to take no punches laying down. He is going strong with the marketing and public relations aspect of his record label, pumping major label support into his debut single and taking every opportunity to present the single “Married To The Money” to new listeners. With a great feature from Gunit’s Young Buck and indie label support behind him platinum and on the charts could be something he sees in his very near future.

  • Rapper J.R James is out for his — regardless of what you think. “Been grinding my whole life,” he tells…

    Published 4 months ago in September 22, 2017
    By AA Hip Hop Staff
    Artist J.R James Is Putting In Work
    Rapper J.R James is out for his — regardless of what you think. “Been grinding my whole life,” he tells AAHH, “[I’m]focused on a bright future so my kids can be comfortable.” The 29-year-old Westside Chicago born rapper travels ten times a year between the windy city and New York, networking and expanding his brand; his hustle is paying off. His song “Married To The Money” featuring G-Unit rapper Young Buck pushed over 100k units, all independent.

    He’s shared the stage with big names like Trina, Remy Ma & Papoose, Crooked I, Stalley, Mario, Freeway, and has built a sizable buzz along the way.

    He’s currently working in the studio finishing up his next EP, but he took some time out to answer a few questions for AAHH.

    Describe Your Sound.

    My music is not easy; i have a wordplay where I can fit six rhyming words in a line, and it makes sense.
    I mostly tell stories based on real-life events. Music is my passion, and I try to b different.

    How did you get into music?

    I’ve always heard a different sound [in my head]; like, I would listen to a record but feel like it should have been this way, you know? I make music to express myself. I use it for an escape; it’s the only thing that can make certain pain subside.

    What do you currently have out?

    I’ve just released two singles with two major artists. One with Young Buck, “Married To The Money” and one with Shawnna “1st class Chick.” I’ve also released numerous records for free on I’m working on an EP called For The Record.

    What are your goals in this game? What’s next?

    My goal is to make the billboard and establish a big enough brand to where people recognize me and to make a living out of this for my family. My next thing is to [finish] working on my next EP, then continue networking and growing as an artist. Maybe more major features.

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